This dude is just gnarly. Put a board in his hand, point him in any direction, and he’ll attack whatever it is in front of him. All terrain, all insane. It’s Jake.

Flip ’3′

boardnews, 21.07.2014


Years ago, Flip Skateboards added some really young rippers to their team with Louie Lopez and Curren Caples to plant the seeds for tomorrow’s Flip team. Well, tomorrow is now, and the boys are all grown up. Along with Alec Majerus, who just recently joined Louie and Curren in the pro ranks, the trio filmed together for Flip’s latest video offering simply titled 3.

Nike SB Berlin Open

boardnews, 21.07.2014


When you put some of the best skateboarding talent under the roof of Berlin’s premier skate spot you’re going to get fireworks.
A truly international line up turned up to light the blue touch paper, so stand well back as Luan Oliveira sends sparks through Germany’s capital city.

FS 35

boardnews, 21.07.2014


Flaming $hit Niggas kills as always, maybe a little bit less bitches and crazy situations but still a lot of good skateboarding.


boardnews, 19.07.2014


Another, third signature model of P-Rod released this year. Vulcanized version of citadel looks great and their main feature is great ventilation and boardfeel. Looks much better than intergalactic P-Rod 8 and really not cool CTD SB.

Rat Poison: Sebo Walker

boardnews, 19.07.2014


Sebo Walker’s part in SK8RATS’ new video, Rat Poison, has everything you could ask for — techy ledge lines, successful rail biz, a solid manual game, and even a banger on the Santa Monica triple set. And with Sebo’s signature style tying it all together, we’re left with an amazing video part. Be sure to purchase the full-length version of Rat Poison at sk8rats.bigcartel.com.