Get Rad For Ray – On The Boardr

boardnews, 19.10.2014


Get Rad For Ray Presented By Endless Grind charity event to celebrate the life and legacy of one of skateboarding’s all-time greats, Ray Underhill. A Wilmington, NC native, Underhill was a member of the infamous Bones Brigade squad of the 1980s, a teammate of Hawk’s, and known for his smooth skating style. But his friends remember him best for his kindness, wit, and dedication—his true enduring legacies.

TOMMY FYNN – Gold Record Debut

boardnews, 17.10.2014


It’s been a long time comin’, and you best believe it’s well deserved! After an insane Recruit last month, Tommy Fynn is officially pro for Stereo. Now this right here is how you put out a pro part: it’s non-stop annihilation from start to finish with a classic ender… Pure, raw, street skateboarding, and a perfect edit all the way through. Congrats, Tommy!

Cody McEntire – The Ranger

boardnews, 15.10.2014


VOX Presents “The Ranger” Cody McEntire pro model shoe. Cody sits down with us and talks about his new shoe, while hitting the streets to break in a pair.