Skatepark Round-Up: Vans

boardnews, 21.04.2015


Vans has one of the deepest skate histories out there. They’ve supported skating through thick and thin and have always had amazing riders. Here’s Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, Geoff Rowley, Jason Dill, Curren Caples, Elijah Berle, Dan Lu, Andrew Allen, Chima Ferguson, and Alex Perelson.


Introducing the Mikey Taylor 2 with an all new Unilite drop in insole. You get all of the impact protection and comfort with none of the weight. The unique insole design builds in the heel for unparalleled impact absorption while tapering in the forefoot for maximum board feel. Innovative comfort available only on the Mikey Taylor 2.

Magnified: Jack Fardell

boardnews, 17.04.2015


This rail lay dormant for years after Cardiel gave it everything he had. Truth be told, we thought it might never be done. However, Fardell stepped up, and the rest is history…


This part gives you the feeling you’re watching a young disciple of Lucas Puig. Another stylish street pirate from the south of France, Max can seemingly make the board do anything he desires. We can’t wait to see more of this dude in the future. Cheers!


boardnews, 16.04.2015


Ever seen a fakie bigger triple flip? How about a half cab late double flip? Switch frontside double heelflip? That’s just the tip of the iceberg for Jonny Giger. You remember him from BATB7 and Battle For Aberrica. Now reacquaint yourself with the Swiss flatground assassin who’s got every trick in the book… and then some.