Michael Sommer – bekkis part

boardnews, 18.12.2014


Krzysiek Godek nie zamula i wypuszcza kolejny montażyk z norweskim kocurem, którym jest Michael Sommer. Ten montaż powstał z kilku spontanicznych sesji na krytym skateparku.


Vans Polska skate team consisting of Andrzej Kwiatek, Przemek Hippler and Rafał Modranka recently visited House of Vans London for a spontaneous test drive. As a guest appearance we couldn’t miss living there permanently, founder of Nervous Bartek Milczarek, and a fast trick shot from Piotr Dabov.

Vans EMEA – Skate team in Berlin

boardnews, 15.12.2014


As the cold weather and dark days set in, heres a look at our Vans european skate teams recent trip out to Berlin before the weather turned bad.

Check out Nassim Guammaz, Sam Partaix, Kris Vile and Bastien Duverdier ripping the local spots also to the sounds of Bastien Duverdier AKA KEPA on his guitar and harmonica.


We’ll be premiering True Blue as a series this week. Part 1 kicks off with Blake Carpenter, and based on the photos you’ve seen this year you probably have a good idea of what you’re about to witness. There are some enders in here that are gonna put your jaw on the floor. Wow…