Guys from Tactics already have got new Nyjah’s new DC shoe, which is going to be available with spring 2015 collectoin. White colorway looks sooo weird, but the black one is simple, and nice.

OFF THE GRID – Josh Matthews

boardnews, 13.09.2014


Josh Matthews kicks things off at Kingswell in Los Angeles and ends it by donating his setup to the Bolivian skate scene to Support Skateboarding with Levi’s® Skateboarding.

Techest Crew Award – KC2LA

boardnews, 10.09.2014


Triple flip: check. Tre flip noseslide nollie heel out: check. Lipslide to five-o to switch crook to bigflip out: check. TRIPLE DOLPHIN FLIP: triple check!!! KC2LA had our techest submission by far, pushing flip-in flip-outs, rotations, and late flip/shuv variations to the furthest bounds of the imagination. But don’t think that’s all they got… They’ll still grind triple kinked rails like nothin’. This shit is insane.

Double Rock: CJ Collins

boardnews, 10.09.2014


He’s just a little taller than his board but CJ has one of the best prodigy styles we’ve seen for such a young kid. He’s only going to get better and better.