Double Rock: Thunder Ams

boardnews, 20.08.2014


You’d be amazed at what these young bucks can accomplish in a couple hours. Well done, kids. The future looks bright…


Torey’s abilities are so crazy that it seems he can stomp any trick he wants. He can also flip-in or flip-out or link it to another trick or do all of the above. This guy is a true board control legend.

Dew Tour Portland 2014: Best Trick

boardnews, 19.08.2014


Downtown Portland went off all weekend. Closed down the streets, built the course in one night and kicked it off with the Best Trick. Alec and Kelvin got buck!

Dew Tour Portland 2014: Finals

boardnews, 19.08.2014


You gotta give credit where it’s due: this downhill format injected a lot of speed and gnarliness into the usual contest scene. Here’s Raven Tershy, Nick Merlino, Alec Majerus, Kelvin Hoefler, the incredible Ryan Sheckler and many others.


He’s one of the most innovative and exciting skaters out there today. This will not consist of “extras,” trust us. It’s a ripping full part which is its own project and is a prequel to the ultra-anticipated Plan B video.


boardnews, 16.08.2014


To celebrate the release of Chico’s new shoe, we headed to Nicaragua with the DVS team for fun in the sun and some demos that were muy caliente.