boardnews, 31.03.2015


Everyone has a story. Everyone comes from somewhere. In his first episode of PUSH we head back to Texas with Ben Raybourn (@choadped) and friends so they can show us where it all began. Never forget where you’re from and always know where you’re going.


Join the Basque imprint Jart Skateboards and their international posse as they take the Grand Tour of Europe: Sergio Munoz, Adrien Bulard, Mark Frölich, Jorge Simoes, Carlos Neira and Cian Eades put in the hard yards from mountains to sea in Cologne, Berlin and Luxembourg.

AJ Zavala’s “$lave” Part

boardnews, 30.03.2015


One thing that ties together the riders of $lave is that they all seem like maniacs who would skate exactly the same without cameras or sponsors around. AJ is a good fit for such a program.

Double Rock: Happy Hour

boardnews, 27.03.2015


Happy Hour rolled through D-Rock and, as their name implies, they had a great time. Here’s a sick barrier session with Kirby, Tancowny, Herman, Szafranski, and Leabres—who has a beautiful ender.

AYC Introduces Al Davis

boardnews, 26.03.2015


I don’t really think that Al Davis fits in AYC, but yeah… he’s the newest addition to the team. Enjoy this few street moves from Al!